Weddings at the Beach

Getting married on an idyllic beach is the dream wedding vision for many couples. Moreover, Sydney and the nearby locations are home to dozens of great beaches that host hundreds of wedding parties every single year. In fact, our beautiful sceneries of sun, sea and sand attract people from all over the world as they bid to tie the knot in style.    

The beach may provide the perfect backdrop for two lovers to make the ultimate commitment. Nonetheless, this location can cause a few notable obstacles. This is especially true when it comes to immortalising those magical memories with the dream wedding photos. Capturing those moments in style is the least you deserve, but these surroundings can make it a very testing shoot. Frankly, hiring a professional who knows what they are doing is the only way to guarantee the sort of outcome you crave.  


Why Choose A Beach Wedding?   

A lot of people like the thought of beach wedding without thinking too much about them. In truth, though, they have the ability to satisfy all of your wedding day dreams.    

The beach offers an intimate surrounding while the relaxed vibes can extend to your dress styles. Similarly, you needn’t worry about decorating the area as nature provides a backdrop that cannot be beaten. This is especially true when you factor in the sounds. There are various other incentives, and it needn’t break the bank either. Any couple seeking a romantic wedding in front of a small party of close friends will find that the beach is a winning choice of destination.  


Why Are Beach Wedding Shoots So Notoriously Difficult?   

All outdoor weddings are at the mercy of Mother Nature. Of all outside locations, the beach is arguably at greater exposure than any other. After all, you may need to contend with the sea as well as the threat of sand being blown by the wind. Even if the adverse weather doesn’t stop you from enjoying the perfect day, those impacts can make it very tough for a photographer to get the very best shots.   

Perhaps the worst culprit, however, comes from the sun. When shooting at the beach, the sunlight is likely to hit the camera lens and the subjects from all directions. Similarly, the reflection of light from the water can cause a lot of problems for those that don’t know how to handle those situations.    

Essentially, the beach might be a dream venue for the couple and their guests. But if the photographer doesn’t have the necessary capabilities, shooting on this location can rapidly turn into a nightmare.  


How Can David And Lynne Overcome Those Issues?   

We know what it means to fall in love and can relate to the magical moment that is your wedding day. We also know that the right wedding photos can help you fall in love with the memory of your magical day time and time again. We pride ourselves on being able to deliver the goods, even in the potentially testing conditions.    

Any photographer should know the basics of reading histograms, using the f/16 rule and using the light to create artistic silhouettes. However, we go the extra mile by embracing the living surroundings. From the gentle waves to the footprints in the sand, those elements are key for your big day. We believe they should play an important role for your wedding photos too.     

It certainly helps that we have the best equipment to deal with harsh light, wind, and other situations. When coupled with our experience of handling those situations, you can be sure that those photos will deliver the desired results.  


What If It Rains?   

The threat of a washout is the biggest fear of many couples. Unfortunately, you cannot guarantee perfect weather, even when living in sunny Sydney. With David and Lynne Photography, though, you can guarantee that it needn’t stop your wedding photographs from looking perfect.     

A few precautions, such as having a teepee can help you prepare for the worst. Even without those items in place, though, light rain needn’t ruin the pictures. This is especially apparent once we’ve completed the post-production editing. If there is going to be a stint of heavy rain, however, we are happy to reschedule the timings to overcome those issues.    


Even when it rains, beach weddings are the perfect way to seal your commitment of love forever. With the right photographers by your side, you can concentrate on making the most of it. Leave getting those dream images to us.


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