The Best Wedding Photography Locations in and around Sutherland

People who plan to get married in Sutherland and the surrounding areas often struggle when it comes to determining the best locations and backdrops for their photos. The best course of action is always to ask the opinion of the photographer you employ for the big day. However, this article contains some fantastically scenic suggestions that you might like to consider. Take a moment to read this post and then review some of the locations for your wedding photos. All of these areas offer lots of potential, and they should ensure that your images turn out as you expect. When all’s said and done, this is the most important day of your life, and so you’re going to want some stunning photographs to ensure you never forget.

Como Pleasure GroundComo – Como Pleasure Ground

With panoramic views of the Georges River and surrounding bushland, this is a top choice for many happy couples who want some beautiful outdoor wedding photos. The site has recently gone through a renovation, and there is an excellent cafe if some of your guests become hungry. Anyone who plans to take their wedding photos here should visit the Pleasure Ground at least a week before their ceremony with their photographer to identify the best spots. You can also send one of your guests ahead to ensure that location is still free and available on the day of your shoot. You never know if someone might have set up a picnic as the area is always popular.

Joseph Banks Native Plants ReserveKareela – Joseph Banks Native Plants Reserve

One of the only specialised gardens in Sydney to focus entirely on Australian native plants, Joseph Banks Native Plants Reserve is a fantastic place to go if you want to get an element of nature in your wedding photos. Established in 1970, the location offers 2.2 hectares of land and no less than 4 kilometres of sealed paths. It’s the perfect place to go if you want Australian bush themed images.

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Hazelhurst Gallery + CafeGymea – Hazelhurst Gallery + Cafe

Hazelhurst is a tranquil area, and the grounds are an excellent place to unwind and take some unique wedding photos. Again, there is a decent cafe on the site where you can get some refreshments for your guests, and it’s ideal for those outdoor pictures during the summer months. Lots of people also choose this location for winter weddings as there are lots of trees that can create a romantic atmosphere.

Camellia GardensCaringbah South – Camellia Gardens

Camellia Gardens is perfect for everything from a Sunday picnics to wedding ceremonies. The people who run the estate charge a small fee of $300 to $450 per hour for wedding events, and you might have to pay a little more to take photographs. However, it’s worth the expense when you see how stunning the area has become over the years. It overlooks the beautiful Yowie Bay, and you won’t want to ignore this place.

Wanda BeachCronulla – Wanda Beach

If you don’t mind facing the crowds, Wanda beach is an excellent choice for you wedding photos. With pristine sands and clear waters; you won’t struggle to capture lots of special moments with a stunning backdrop. Wanda is the northernmost patrolled beach on Bate Bay in Cronulla, and while it’s popular during the summer months, there are always opportunities for intimate photos during the evenings.

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Elouera BeachCronulla – Elouera Beach

Elouera Beach is popular with surfers, and so you might want to avoid the location at the height of summer if you wish to get the best wedding photos. However, you can usually find some quiet spots during the late afternoon, and there is some fantastic scenery that you’re going to love seeing in the background of your images. Its near to the famous ‘Wall’ and only a short walk to Dunningham Park.

Gunnamatta ParkCronulla – Gunnamatta Park

With water views of Port Hacking and the Cronulla Sailing Club, Gunnamatta Park offers no less than 14 acres of beautiful landscape for you to enjoy, and there is lots of shade to ensure your guests remain comfortable. Just be sure to check the time of the tide on the days you plan to take your photos and try to avoid the middle of the day because the area can become busy with children and families.

Darook ParkCronulla – Darook Park

You get some excellent views across the Port Hacking River from this location, and there is a sandy beach that’s ideal for those summer wedding shots. Unfortunately, there isn’t much in the way of parking, and so it’s sensible to ferry everyone here using a coach or something similar. It’s one of the few west-facing beaches in the area, and the location offers a pretty backdrop of bush and a full view of Gunnamatta Bay.

ass + Flinders PointCronulla – Bass + Flinders Point

Located next to Salmon Haul, this is great for small weddings with views across Port Hacking River to Bundeena. You’re going to want to visit the area before you arrive to take your wedding photos to ensure that you pick the best areas. There are toilets for your guests, and the location has a long and fascinating history involving Matthew Bass and George Flinders – hence the name!

LillI Pilli ReserveLilli Pilli – LillI Pilli Reserve

Hidden away at the end of Lilli Pilli Point Road, this small reserve has stunning views of the Port Hacking River. Many happy couples choose to take their wedding photos here as the area is peaceful and tranquil. The reserve is a beautiful open-grassed area with seperate garden beds and lots of potential.

Bonna Point ReserveKurnell – Bonna Point Reserve

If you like to idea of having Botany Bay in the background of your wedding photographs, Bonna Point Reserve is one of the best places to go. You can even take your family dog along as animals are allowed on the beach without a leash. So, this is the perfect place to go if you don’t want to leave your poochy loved ones at home. There are excellent parking facilities and even a boat ramp you can use to capture some fantastic snaps.

Cape SolanderKurnell – Cape Solander

Cape Solander is a brilliant choice for those who wish to get some stunning views of the Port Hacking River. However, the location can become a little windy at times when the weather is less than perfect. So, it’s sensible for anyone who chooses this site to have a plan B in place. That said, during whale watching season, there is a decent chance you might manage to take unique photographs.

Wedding Cake RockWedding Cake Rock

You can find Wedding Cake Rock inside the Royal National Park, and the Ocean views from this spot are magical. It’s a famous and fragile rock formation situated along the Coast track, and many couples choose to take their photographs there. The path to Wedding Cake Rock is rough, steep, and rocky. For that reason, you’ll have to ensure that everyone brings some suitable footwear. Of course, they can change back into their wedding attire when you reach the destination.

Reids FlatAudley Weir – Reids Flat

With eye-catching bush surroundings and views of the Port Hacking River inside the Royal National Park, it’s no wonder so many happy couples come and visit Reids Flat when considering locations for their wedding photos. There is even some cottage accommodation available if anyone wants to spend the night. It’s an idyllic riverside spot that you won’t want to overlook. There is also a picnic area where you can stop off if your guests start to become hungry.

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Wattle ForestAudley – Wattle Forest

Wattle Forest is yet another stunning spot inside the Royal National Park. There are car parking spaces for up to fifty vehicles, and so your guests shouldn’t encounter too many issues. The picnic area on-site is always busy with families, and so you will probably want to move away from the crowds. Again, just check out this location a few days before you plan to arrive with your photographer. That way, you can choose the best areas for your snaps.

Audley DancehallAudley – Audley Dancehall

There is a beautiful area of land in front of Audley Dancehall that’s ideal for couples who want to get some of the most attractive backdrops the Royal National Park has to offer. The dancehall itself is also a suitable venue for wedding receptions, and so it’s possible that you could kill two birds with one stone and prevent your guests from having to drive from place to place. The venue can seat up to 200 people.

Wattamolla BeachWattamolla Beach

If you like the idea of finding a private wedding photography location; you aren’t going to feel disappointed with Wattamolla Beach. Situated inside the Royal National Park, there is lots of plant life, and your guests can chill out in the shade under one of the many cabbage tree palms. Wattamolla is home to a cove, lagoon, and beach. So, there are going to be lots of opportunities to get amazing wedding photos if you don’t mind getting your dress or suit wet. You can take a virtual tour of the location online if you visit the official website, and that should assist you in getting a feel for the area.

Now you know about some of the best wedding photography locations in and around Sutherland; nothing should stop you from identifying the most suitable area and putting your plans in place. Just remember that you have to ask for permission to take your wedding guests to some of these locations for photography. So, it’s always wise to type the name of the place into Google and take a look at the official websites. That way, you won’t encounter any disappointments or stumbling blocks on your big day. Regardless of what you want from your wedding photos, at least one of the suggestions from this article should satisfy your criteria. Good luck with both the wedding ceremony and the images you create to remember the happiest day of your life!

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