Exciting Wedding Keepsakes for Your Guests

“There is no more lovely, friendly and charming relationship, communion or company than a good marriage” – By Martin Luther King

Wedding keepsakes are a fun traditional way to treat your guests with something to remember on your special day.  With time they have become increasingly popular.  Guests look forward to receiving a keepsake to take with them after the wedding reception

They can also double up as your guests name tags, on each table

There are lots of fun ideas out there, you just need to research them.  As professional Sutherland Shire Wedding photographers, we photograph all these lovely keepsakes which couples give to their guests, and often get given them as well. You can see many more ideas on our website page:  www.davidlynnephotography.com

Often couples enjoy using seasonal or edible wedding keepsakes. Let’s brainstorm on some of the most popular wedding keepsakes:

Autumn Keepsake Ideas

  • Autumn leaf candles
  • Floating silver bells

Spring Keepsakes Ideas

  • Wildflower Seed Packets
  • Wine Bottles
  • Personalised candle holders
  • Money Plants

Christmas Keepsake Ideas

  • Christmas theme candy or chocolates
  • Personalised Christmas candles

Easter Keepsake Ideas

  • Small Easter eggs wrapped in tulle tied with a colourful ribbon
  • Votive candles in bright Easter colors

Candy Keepsake Ideas

  • Handmade chocolates
  • Handmade candy with your names in it
  • Handmade mints
  • Chocolate hearts

If you are the kind of person who always indulges in doing things differently, go for personalised or unique wedding keepsakes. You can try any of the following:

  • Lottery tickets wrapped in attractive gift wrap
  • Perfumed, special-shaped soaps
  • Small Heart Shaped Picture Frames
  • Wedding Music CD’s
  • Wine Bottle Stopper
  • Floating Flower Candles
  • Beautiful Shells
  • Flat Shells with candy wrapped inside

It is important to keep your wedding theme in mind while choosing keepsakes. Your ideas should match with the tone of your wedding. Analyze your budget before buying them. Ideally, there should be a gift for every guest, but, if you have a large number of guests, it may be better to give your gifts per couple or family

We hope you now have plenty of ideas for your big day.  Distributing these gifts is a perfect way to show your guests how much you appreciate them being part of your day. Choosing the right keepsakes is as crucial as choosing the best wedding photography packages, and your other wedding vendors

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