Tips To Help Plan Your Wedding

Looking for the best tips to help you plan your wedding? Take a look at this short video from David Lynne Photography, Wedding Photography Sutherland.

Hi, I’m David from David Lynne Photography. Here are a few more tips to help plan your wedding.

Number one. Plan ahead. Ensure your hair and makeup people have plenty of time, so perhaps schedule an extra hour to relax after they have finished.

Number two. Highlight your VIP guests. As professional wedding photographers, if we know the dynamics of your families, it helps us greatly to know who to shoot with whom. Perhaps your parents are divorced, so to know this is very important for your family shots.

Number three. Location, location, location. Having the perfect venue will enable a professional photographer to capture the best photos. Remember, your photographer will need to move around during the ceremony to capture the best angles, so ensure there is ample space for them to do so.

Number four. Relax. Once you have done your planning, all your supplies are engaged, it’s time to think of yourself. Ensure you get a good night’s sleep, drink plenty of water prior to the wedding, and even book a massage the morning of the wedding. This will really help to relax you for sure.

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