The Bride’s Pack – Be Prepared

Hi, I’m Lynne from David Lynne Photography. I’d like to talk to you today about the bride’s pack.

There are five things I always advise brides to bring along or get their maid of honor to bring along to their wedding day. They are as follows:

  • hairspray and extra bobby pins
  • lipstick
  • tissues for those teary moments or when it’s just hot, hot, hot
  • safety pins which are very useful
  • cold drinks of course for yourself and the bridal party.

These things are essential for all brides to bring along to freshen up in between the ceremony and your romantic shots. Hopefully, you don’t need them, but you have them on hand for any emergencies.

One more tip. If you’re having a beach or a park wedding, bring some flat shoes for your romantic shots. This will save the wedding shoes being ruined on rough ground or sand.

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