Strapless Wedding Dresses

A Dress to Suit your Body Shape

Strapless Wedding Dresses vs. Shoe String Straps and more

With over 10 years experience in the Wedding Photography business we have seen it all. Many Brides are not sure what style of dress they will wear, others know exactly what they want for years prior to finding their perfect match

Having seen it all we can offer a few suggestions:

  1. Depending on your size some Brides should not wear strapless dresses, with lacing or zipper at the back. Unless you are very trim your skin will hang over the back of your dress, and will not look so good in your photos
  2. To avoid this issue think about having shoe sting straps on your dress. It won’t have to be mega tight to stay up all day and night, and will be a lot more flattering in your photography, and heaps more comfortable – as most Brides who chose dresses like this have to keep hitching it up during the entire day
  3. If you are a classic pear shape think about a hoop or 2 under your dress. They may not be super comfortable but it will slim your hips and enhance your waist line, making you look even more beautiful
  4. If your arms have any excess skin think about small sleeves, or a cape, or even a small bolero or lace jacket – any if these ideas will cover the top of your arms and hide any areas you don’t like

We are not all the same, that is why we are all unique – that is why wedding dresses are made to fit all shapes and sizes

Take a few moments to think about a style which will suit you, be really comfortable during your entire Wedding Day (which is a long day) and if you are still not sure ask a specialist for some help to choose your perfect dress

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