Romantic Sydney + Surrounding Beach Weddings

What’s more romantic than running barefoot in the sand with waves crashing behind you as you make your lifelong commitment?

When you are looking for a special way to say “I do” amidst your family and BFF’s, a romantic beach location on the Sydney or surrounding beaches is perfect. It allows you to exchange vows in Paradise

Sunrise and Sunset are both excellent times for weddings, as they offer such differing light, sound and more

Sydney beach weddings can be as lavish or as simple as you desire. There are limitless options of stunning “private” beaches, rocks, headlands and more to suit your ideal wedding

A Sydney beach wedding let’s your first moments of marriage be “sun-kissed”. Its like all those girlie movies you have seen – strolling along the beach, hand in hand after your wedding with your new husband or wife, fleeting smiles cross your faces, a gentle breeze blowing, lost in your own thoughts, waves crashing around you, birds singing, and the suns rays flickering on the crystal clear ocean, time just stops …

And if your wedding day is between June-September you may be lucky enough to see Whales playing in the warm waters, as we have often seen during weddings around Sydney beaches

Brides love beach weddings because they can choose a dress that is less traditional, so it can be worn again after your wedding.

You can also combined your honeymoon with your romantic beach wedding in Sydney. There is so much to see and do here, or you can choose to just do nothing but relax and enjoy each other’s company.

Another great reason for planning a beach wedding is you have lots of space to express your personal style. You can save money by having a beach wedding, as you do not have to hire a venue for your Ceremony. You can aim high to have everything you have dreamed of, using simple decorations, so you will have extra cash for your reception or honeymoon.

Beach weddings are far more relaxing than traditional weddings, and you can then be rejuvenated with your honeymoon. All your pre and post-wedding activities will be fun and exciting, instead of an exhausting experience.

So what do you say, will you plan a Sydney or surrounding area beach wedding?

We guarantee you will have a romantic wedding in Sydney

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