Importance of Pre-Wedding Relaxation

The date of your wedding is chosen so why can’t you understand how the time is flying by – suddenly its just 3 months to your wedding day. You are piled up with lots of things to do and have limited time to complete everything. Do one thing, if you haven’t already – make a check list now

Are you done? Great!

Now you can start listing pending things for your wedding day, and once completed cross them off. As you see your time grow shorter, your list will also get shorter, giving you peace of mind you have it all sorted well before the big day. The booking of your professional Sydney wedding photographer – done; the venue – done; dress; jewellery; shoes; bridesmaids; groom; groomsmen; gifts etc and all other major things are done. All these things are now completed on your check list But have you allocated some time for yourself? After all the planning is done you will need a week to relax with your loved ones prior to your wedding. You should celebrate your pre-wedding time and keep those memories everlasting – fun and laughs with family and friends

Here are some ideas to make this time memorable:

Friends Are Your Life: You need no reason to celebrate with friends. They are an integral part of our life but once you enter a new life, new relations and responsibilities steal your time. Before your wedding day, spend some time with your besties and relive your past memories with them – the good, bad and ugly times You can go for a high tea, luncheon, dinner, drinks, pajama or games nights, or just gossip, gossip and gossip all day long. In our busy life, it is often not possible for all friends to gather at one place at the same time. No time other than a pre-wedding celebration is as special or perfect for such reminiscing. This will restore your energy for your wedding day

Where Are You: When did you spend some time only with you? Most of us forget and give the least amount of time to ourselves. Before your status changes from single to married spend some time with you only – the list of what you could do is endless: go for a spa, massage or meditation class, walk along the beach, read a book, watch your favourite movie. During the rush of planning everything your body feels tired and, before your wedding day, it is essential to look fresh and beautiful. After all, you will be the show stopper at your wedding. This time to yourself will renew the energy in your body and soul Prior to each wedding, David and Lynne from David Lynne Photography take a few hours of quiet time, so our heads are relaxed and in perfect harmony for your wedding day photography

Spend Time With Your Mum/Dad: At every happy, sad and emotional occasion, you always want to be with your mother/father. Mum/Dad are the only people who understand all your problems without saying a single word. And yes, mum/dad have some magic, we don’t know how, but all your problems disappear when in their presence.  Your wedding is a special day, it gives you a huge mix of feelings. It opens the door to a new relationship, new family and at the same time gives a fear and excitement about your unknown future. In this time of dilemma mum/dad are your lifeline for calm. Enjoy cooking, shopping, planning with your mum/dad and you will learn many life lessons you may not already know Even ask your professional wedding photographers for some advice, from their years of experience they can help with many things: calmness; necessary items on your wedding day; best times for shots; how long things will take, and so much more. Their wealth of knowledge will help finalise any small details you may be unsure of Most of all – just relax and enjoy this beautiful day, if anything does go wrong on the day its not a drama, nobody will know but you


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