Planning a Themed Wedding

You are planning a themed wedding. It could be a beach, country, black/white, a castle, superheros, or even a Day of the Dead theme (yes we have photographed these before). Your invitations, decorations, table settings, attire and cake will be key elements of your wedding theme. Whatever theme you choose, make sure to tell your Sutherland Shire Wedding Photographers so they can be properly prepared – we love themed weddings, they are so much fun

As experienced Sydney Wedding Photographers we often come across themed weddings. For the best “wow” factor, make sure your themed wedding not only looks beautiful, it also blends in with your love story and personalities. You can also find inspiration in your city, your hobby or even the season

If you are not sure where to begin, check different wedding themes online that go perfectly with your personal style. Some brides love the vintage look, it reminds you and your guests of the long-gone era, some love black and white for them and their guests, others just love fun themes like superheroes

Then there are colours, symbols and patterns, which can be especially meaningful to you and your fiance. Remember in Sydney Weddings  its warm most of the time, so ensure you choose your attire to suit the climate on your wedding day

When it comes to themed weddings, its less about looking unique and more about what you love. As your Sutherland Shire Wedding Photographers each wedding is unique, even if the themes are common

Whatever you decide, adding your special touches to your wedding day theme allows us to be Creative Wedding Photographers

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