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  • Hand Painted Wedding Dresses
    Hand Painted Wedding Dresses
    If you really want the wow factor on your Wedding Day – find an “artist” who can hand paint your wedding dress. You wont believe the styles we have seen They just another another flair to your wedding day, and tell your guest more about who you...
  • Wedding Dress Bliss
    Wedding Dress Bliss
    Got an idea for a custom wedding dress? Turn your dreams into wedding dress bliss When I think about superb dress craftsmanship with serious offbeat chops, I ALWAYS think about how you can make your wedding stand out by having your dress custom made. I am constantly...
  • Modern Femme Wedding Inspiration
    Modern Femme Wedding Inspiration
    How do we love this modern femme wedding inspiration? Let me count the ways: The soft lace backless gown matched with a waterfall of flowers in violet, rose, butter and pastel green The plush velvet chairs across from an eclectic tablescape filled with leather calligraphed place cards,...
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