Seven Ways Wedding Photographs Can Go Horribly Wrong

Wedding photographs are a lasting memory of what may well be the most important day of your life. Good wedding photographers are in big demand as a result, and can be booked up years in advanced. Experienced photographers know how to get the best images from the big day but, even with the best wedding photographer, wedding photos can still sometimes go horribly wrong.

1. Trends and fads

Trends come and go in anything, and wedding photography is no exception. The problem with following the latest fad is that while the photos may look great at the time, they can quickly look dated, leaving you wondering what on earth you were thinking. While you want your photos to reflect you as individuals, sticking with more classic styles will help to keep your album looking fresh and contemporary.

2. Unwise poses and location choices

We’ve all seen photos of the bride being held horizontal by the men of the bridal party, or the bride and groom perched on a rock above the sea. You’ve probably also seen clips on Australia’s Funniest Home Video Show of the bride being dropped, or a sudden sea surge washing over the happy couple. In most cases these will result in little more than dented pride but, sometimes, the consequences are more serious, and someone ends up needing medical attention, ruining more than just the photos.

3. Recreating Pinterest photos

Or trying to, anyway. Many great photos are simply the lucky capturing of a unique moment, and any attempt to recreate them just does not work. Couples should remember that they are individuals, and enjoy working with their photographer to create their own distinctive memories of their wedding day. And, you never know – your images could be so amazing that they’re the ones that other couples want to recreate.

4. ‘Creative’ editing

While people want images that are different from other people’s, it can be taken too far. Far too far. A quick search for ‘interestingly’ edited wedding photos disembodied heads floating in fireplaces, tiny grooms balanced on their bride’s hands while she raises a shoe over his head, and the happy couple turned into centaurs. Just as with following fads, within a couple of years you could be wondering what was going through your mind. A good wedding photographer will know how far is far enough when it comes to editing.

5. Photobombers or random bypassers

We all know someone who thinks photobombing is the height of comedy. While most people manage to restrain themselves from ruining wedding photos, the exists the odd joker who thinks that it’s perfectly acceptable (tip: it’s not). Sometimes, though, it’s not photobombers that are the problem, but random people who either haven’t realised what’s happening, or just don’t care. Whether it’s naked sunbathers or pets getting frisky, they’re not usually what the bride and groom were hoping to to see in their photos.

6. The weather

While photographers would love to be able to guarantee their clients perfect weather, sadly it’s out of our hands. And even the most temperate region can experience freakish, unexpected weather. No-one wants to stand in the rain or a howling gale for their photos, which is why an experienced wedding photographer will always have a back-up plan.

7. Guests getting in on the action

People want to make their own memories of the weddings they attend, which means taking their own photos. It’s always happened but, now that so many people have mobile phones with cameras, more people are snapping away. This means that the professional photographer can find themselves competing with numerous guests for the couple’s attention. It’s often not until the editing stage that the photographer will discover that an otherwise perfect shot has been ruined by key players staring in a different direction.

While there is no guarantee that none of these will happen, booking an experienced professional wedding photographer will certainly reduce the chances. With over a decade’s experience of creating picture-perfect memories, David Lynne Photography is the perfect choice for couples planning their wedding in Australia or Bali. If you’re looking for unique photographs that really reflect you and your day, contact us, David Lynne Photography, on +61 419 015 757, or email us on

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