Your Wedding Photographer’s Expectations

Your wedding photographs are amongst the most important parts of your wedding day. First thing to happen is they are going to be on your social media pages. Then there will be the album (and video) that will remain part of the most cherished moments of your life. You will be the busiest person on your wedding day, but make sure you don’t ignore your Sunshine Coast Wedding Photographers instructions

Your Wedding Photographers Sutherland Shire cannot read minds (although we do try our best), so ensure you take out a few minutes from your busy schedule to ask what they expect from you, and explain what your expectations are of them. It’s important that neither the photographer nor the couple have any doubts about this important aspect of the wedding

  • Wedding photographers like to know what the dress code for the evening is going to be. Two most important ones are lighting and background, so they don’t clash with your attire
  • As your Sydney Wedding Photographers, we always want to know the timeline. Some couples prefer pre-wedding photos. Many couples ask us for shots of everyone getting ready, and even all the chaos surrounding the wedding setup. We recommend couples discuss this with us, which eliminates any confusion – or just let us loose to do what we do best on the day!
  • You may not want to have the camera in the dressing room – but don’t forget we are a husband and wife team, so Lynne is on hand for this situation if need be. You may want to have photos of certain special things, so just let us know what they are beforehand
  • Some weddings may have friends or family who want to be too involved, and you cant be rude to them about this issue. Tell your Wedding Photographers Sutherland Shire beforehand if this is an issue, and they can deal with it on the day for you

All weddings have group photos. It will be family, friends and your bridal party. As experienced Sutherland Shire Wedding Photographers we always ask couples to think about the list of people in each group photo. E.g. if its Aunty Betty and Uncle Ron and all the nieces and nephews you want together, think about this before the wedding, so on the day it will be really easy to sort this out. Or make a note and give it to the groom to hold, in case you get confused

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