Personalised Weddings – Make It Unique to You

Being Professional Wedding Photographers we photograph lots of weddings. Leaving behind the faces of brides, grooms and the guests, most of the time there isn’t many differences in each wedding. The main thing which cannot be changed are your wedding rituals. But couples who want to make their wedding unique always look for new things to personalise their wedding.

If you too are planning your wedding we can offer some new ways to make this day as unique as possible. One thing which you can experiment with is personalised fashion. As professional Sydney Wedding Photographers will love to capture it all the unique parts of each wedding we photograph.

Personalised fashion can reflect your emotions and love of family and each other. Here are some awesome ideas:

  • A groom can wear an embroidered message on the back of his tie or on his pocket square and a bride can have a personalised message on her veil or headpiece
  • You can honor your family’s heritage with custom map cufflinks or bracelet
  • You can make your wedding shoes extra special by having a hand-painted design added. You can customize your shoes with your name or date of your wedding. You can emboss the name of your spouse for fun
  • You can write a hidden message on your dress or accessories
  • A bride can carry a handmade handkerchief with personalised message. This can be done by using an old hankie from her father and embellished with lace from the bride’s christening gown
  • You can engrave a special message to each other inside your rings – just like the attached photo where the groom is an avid fisherman, so his ring has a Marlin engraved on the front
  • If your father or mother passed away before the wedding, attach a photo of him/her to your shoes so that they can still walk you down the aisle
  • You can honor your lost loved ones and add a photo charm to the groom’s button hole flowers

Weddings are a day when every couple wants to celebrate in a different manner. Personalised fashion is something which cannot be copied – its only yours. And your joy will multiply many times when you see you photos from your Sydney Wedding Photographers or Sutherland Shire Wedding Photographers. When you will see the photos of your wedding in future and see your personalised messages you will definitely want to live those moments again, it may even bring a tear to your eyes

Being the best Sutherland Shire Wedding Photographers, we ensure we capture the little things at every wedding. It is the emotions of two people who are going to tie the knot for life, and their little-little efforts to make their wedding unique shows their love towards each other and their families

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