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Tips to cherish the daythe perfect wedding

We photograph a lot of weddings during the year and so I guess you could say we have seen it all.  We have managed to deal with emotional brides, drunken guests and not forgetting those difficult moments when things don’t quiet go right.  We’d like to offer you our experience to create the perfect wedding for your special occasion and the memories that will be pride of place in your hearts and home for years to come

Planning Ahead

If you expect to have an hour with the hairdresser before the wedding, anticipate this could go overtime and give yourself in excess of the allocated time. It’s a busy day and lots of people are wanting your attention and time, like the bridesmaid still sorting out her shoes and trying them on again and again. Then your mother wants to fuss over your dress whilst the hairdresser is putting on the final touches. So try to build into your schedule an extra hour of time so you can be relaxed before the ceremony and enjoy the big event

Highlight your VIP guests

As photographers, we are not usually known to your guest list and therefore unaware of the family dynamics of all those relatives coming together. Likewise, we are also not aware of one family member who wants to be in all the photos. There is usually one of them in every family so don’t worry, we’ve seen that too! We will try really hard to get to know your family during pre-wedding to ensure nobody is forgotten and VIP guests are very much part of your photo collection

Location is King

If photography is one of your top priorities and you have to make a choice on location, then the backdrops will give you more value for money than small detail every time. Whilst small detail definitely can add to the overall feel of the event, the location for your photography will be the stand out feature. For example – who remembers the napkins on the wedding table? That’s the small detail we are talking about. Depending on the space during the ceremony the photographer may not have a lot of options, so the backdrop of the location makes your photos more interesting, together with the emotions captured on the day

Budget but Magical Decor1

If the ceremony is a simple area or an outdoor location, then a budget must-have inclusion string of cafe lights are a great wedding investment to add to the atmosphere and look amazing in our photography. They add real visual interest and add a warm glow. These can be plain or themed to your colour scheme for the day

Quantity matters

Whilst you are mingling with your guests and enjoying the event, your photographer should be there taking up to 100 photos per hour to preserve all those little details and the moments you may have missed


Your photographer has no doubt been to many, many weddings before but as a bride or groom, this may be your first wedding and the nerves can be tense. We suggest you try breathing a little more and relaxing as it comes through in your photos.  We suggest you allocate ample time for your photos, maybe 30 minutes for family and wedding party photos and at least an hour for just bride and groom romantic photos. Whilst nerves may be tense, if you get plenty of sleep and drink lots of water the night before, you will be closer to relaxing enough to truly enjoy your special day and not wearing a wedding day hangover

What was your best advice for a perfect wedding?

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