Low Fuss Wedding Doesn’t Mean Low Style

Most of us only ever get married once (or maybe twice) in a lifetime, so it is a really special day but it doesn’t have to be a nightmare to organise. And there are many people who don’t consider themselves to be the wedding type. When the time comes to set a date and tie the knot they are not rushing out to buy all the glossy bridal magazines. They are not combing over Pinterest boards for their favourite wedding dresses, cakes, styling, flowers, bonbonnieres or shoes for the big day. They are certainly not planning on attending any bridal fairs, they don’t want the hassle of DIY and when they research no-fuss wedding, all the style of that special day is lost to budget or outlandish ideaslow fuss weddingx

So you want to approach your special day without all that fuss, just a simple day with your close family and friends, a laugh together, a beautiful meal and a day filled with happy memories. Let’s be totally honest here, not sure if a wedding is ever going to be stress-free, but with a little guidance it is possible to have a gorgeous day you were hoping for without becoming a bridezilla or a super stressed

The first step in planning a low-fuss wedding is to understand your budget and this is determined by the guest list you put together. This will be your guide to where you can host the wedding. No point falling in love with an idea and realising you have to cut key people from the list to fit in. Don’t spend a lot of time on the list but don’t forget those that really matter

Now you know how many are coming, then you will need to consider whether it will be at a restaurant, home or some other venue. What are the differences you need to consider:

If you choose a Restaurant then the atmosphere and styling of the room is already in place, the kitchen is there ready to cook for you and the service should be pretty seamless. No additional styling needed, unless perhaps you would like some nice flowers on the tables. Larger restaurants even have an in-house events co-ordinator to help you with any extras you might need. Let them do all the fussing and stress and you relax and enjoy the event. Remember, there may be a premium to pay because it is a wedding or a weekend wedding

Alternatively, choose another venue like a hall where you can hire someone to make it look nice. Don’t be too afraid of this option but trust me, getting in a wedding planner may be worth it. It will look sharp, you won’t have to lift a finger and if you are completely clueless on what will look good then just leave it to them to create the right atmosphere for you, as they are the professionals. Sure this will add to your wedding budget, but we never said low-fuss was going to be low budget!

Another option is to have the wedding at home (or a friend’s home) where you may just have a minimum of fuss but, if it creates too much stress because there will be lots of people at your home, then it may not be an option for you. Call in a caterer and delegate some of the work to family or friends, so you can relax. Some people have sought large marques to host their weddings to avoid the extra people going through the house. This is often a great option for the second time around Brides and perfect for low fuss weddings

Some weddings have incorporated entertainment like photo booths for a little bit of fun, magicians to entertain or even thought of a ‘nanny’ for the day to keep the children entertained so the adults can enjoy themselves. I even saw a kissing booth used recently – $1 a kiss with the bride. We have also seen some beautiful gardens decorated with little lanterns for special effects which are very easy to set up (and affordable). Whatever you decide, the more you can delegate, the more your low fuss wedding can be a very stylish day without the stress

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