How to Use Essential Oils 101 Part 3

And lastly regarding essential oil health maintenance, we talk about aromatic oils as beauty tips. Remember because Sutherland Shire Wedding Photographers are photographers, to always consult your local Pharmacy specialist in essential oils before using them, especially if you are pregnant or breast feeding:


The simplest way to benefit from essential oils is via aromatherapy. Take a whiff straight from the bottle, add some drops to a scarf or cotton ball, or put some on a washcloth in the shower and inhale the goodness. You can also diffuse oils around the house any time of the day or night making your house smell gorgeous all year round

Our Favorite Essential Oil Beauty Tips + Recipes

  • Whiten Teeth: Add a drop of orange oil to your toothbrush, along with toothpaste, every time you brush. When essential oils are cold-pressed, the acidity won’t effect the enamel on your teeth
  • For Fast Hair Growth + Anti-Frizz: Apply this DIY Mermaid Hair Serum to wet hair! Combine in a small fine mist glass spray bottle: 30 drops lavender + 30 drops cedarwood + 20 drops rosemary + splash of witch hazel + water to fill bottle. The cedarwood and rosemary stimulate hair growth and lavender promotes cleanliness!

For Clear Skin: Frankincense oil protects your skin cells as a powerful astringent. Apply with coconut oil as a daily moisturizer to reduce the appearance of large pores AND acne, and prevent wrinkles.


  • Diffusers are the best way to use essential oils aromatically. Combine a few drops of oil with water (5-10 depending on the size of the room) and inhale. It doesn’t get easier than that! Bonus: these diffusers are super chic and look great anywhere in your home 
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