How to Use Essential Oils 101 Part 2

Here we talk about Internally ingesting essential oils for your health, but remember because Sutherland Shire Wedding Photographers are not doctors or professional health care workers, to always consult your local Pharmacy specialist in essential oils before using them, especially if you are pregnant or breast feeding:



  • Depending on the need, certain oils can do wonders when ingested. Be sure to consult specific directions first, but we’ve got a few specific examples of how to use oils internally for you below

If you had one too many celebratory drinks (or meals):

Lemon: Pure oil from lemons helps support your digestive system by restoring pH balance. This means it becomes alkaline in the body. And THIS means your body can better absorb minerals. All working together to keep you healthy and regular:

  • Add a drop to a warm cup of water every morning to improve health in a variety of ways – boost immunity, healthy skin, and aid in digestion

If you want to curb cravings:

Grapefruit: It is a natural appetite suppressant, thanks to it’s fancy flavonoids. If you’re on track to be your healthiest version of yourself for your wedding day, grapefruit is a great supporter. Also, it’s known to reduce cellulite

  • Add 2 drops to a Grapefruit Oil for a refreshing afternoon drink. For cellulite, rub it on your skin with coconut oil once or twice a day
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