How to Use Essential Oils 101 Part 1

With Winter on its way and your wedding fast approaching, Sutherland Shire Wedding Photographers – David Lynne Photography – want to help you maintain optimum health for your special day.

There are 3 ways to use essential oils: topically, internally, and aromatically. If not using them orally or internally, then diffusers are the best way to use your Essential Oils. Always consult your local Pharmacy specialist before ingesting oils, especially if you are pregnant or breast feeding, or have any allergies.

Today we will talk about the 1st, and in our next 2 blogs we will talk about the others:

Topically: Add a drop to your wrist or the back of your neck to harness the oil’s healing powers! You can also make a body oil by mixing a few drops with a carrier oil (like fractionated coconut oil or olive oil) and keeping it stored in a glass jar. Apply as needed.

For Emotional Health If you’re stressed or anxious:

Lavender: The king of all essential oils, lavender is famous for is calming capabilities. Restorative and stable, this oil can help with anything from sleepless nights to irritability:

  • Create a calming linen mist by combining 10-15 drops of lavender with water in a glass spray bottle. Spray on your pillow before bed

Orange or Lemon: Citrus oils are high in limonene, believed to aid in calming anxiety:

  • Put a drop on your wrist, in your water, or on your spine

Blended Oils: Most major oil companies will have a blend to help combat stress. Ask your specialist at your local Pharmacy:

  • Place a warm compress with a few drops of essential oil over your eyes for meditation in the morning, or any time before your special day.

If you need a mood booster:

Patchouli: Best used aromatically, smelling patchouli releases serotonin and dopamine. Instant mood lift! P.s. This oil also stimulates blood circulation, and it’s known for its properties as an aphrodisiac

  • Pair patchouli with a workout and soar on a combo of happy hormones and endorphins
    Ylang Ylang: These blooms were traditionally used to promote happy dreams and feelings of joy and hope
  • Diffuse at bedtime and drift away into dreams of your honeymoon

For Physical Health If you need energy:

Peppermint: One of our all time favorites, peppermint can be used for a variety of things like eliminating nerves, nausea, clearing sinuses and halting headaches. But if you’ve got a day ahead which requires more than coffee, skip the sugary energy drink and take a whiff of peppermint instead

  • Keep a bottle in your purse and inhale as needed. Put a drop in your mouth for a pick-me-up and bonus fresh breath

If you feel a cold coming on:

Oregano: It doesn’t go down easy, but oregano is a powerhouse! It’s anti-viral, anti-bacterial, anti-fungal, and anti-parasitic. Bye bye cold

  • Place a drop under your tongue to absorb the strong antioxidants
    Blended Oils: Generally these blends combine cloves, rosemary, eucalyptus and citrus to fight and kill germs
  • When it comes to sickness before the wedding, you can’t do too much! In addition to diffusing, put a drop on the bottom of your feet for optimal absorption. For a cold-busting tea, add 2-3 drops to a cup of herbal tea with local honey and lemon. Repeat morning and night


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