Happy Wedding Guests

“The bride travels along village lanes, past gateways of lilac — lantern blossoms
floating perfume. Her car advances slowly. She’s tilting the hours, gathering the scene. Her wedding smile relaxes as she recognises face after face” – By Australian poet Katherine Gallagher

Yes, it’s true; your wedding day is a spectacular day all about you and your future hubby or wife. But what about your guests? It’s good to keep them happy as well.  They too are an integral part of your big day. If you wow them with a warm, welcoming gesture, they will take sweet long lasting memories. Their wedding wishes are a special part of your wedding. Their emotions may be running high to offer you their choicest blessings

So make your guests happy on your wedding day. The tips below will offer your guests all the reasons to say a Big Thank You:

1. Leave a warm, touchy handwritten note to each guest at their place setting so they can read it during the reception. They will really appreciate your sweet gesture. You also will be surprised, as your guests share their own personal messages

2. Hire an award winning wedding photography professional who can take stunning shots. Your guests will enjoy seeing lasting memories of your wedding day. Ask the photographer in advance for some exciting wedding photo ideas for guests. Your guests will again appreciate your gesture; they will feel important in your wedding day

3. Choose your wedding date in the cooler months if you are concerned about your guests, especially if you are planning a beach wedding. Wedding planners, and especially Sydney, Wollongong and Sutherland Shire wedding photographers, recommend couples to plan their weddings in cooler months.  Just think about the condition of your guests in hot months

4. Suggest your guests to wear sandals if you have planned beach wedding. Also, ask them to bring an umbrella for the sun.  David Lynne Photography carry several umbrellas just in case, and lend them to grandparents, parents with babies, etc during warm weddings. Also think about supplying cold bottles of water if it’s a beach wedding or warm day

5. Spoil your guests with an array of delicious and mouthwatering food and beverages. Buffets or cocktail food are recommended over sit down meals as your guests have more choices – meat, seafood or vegetarian, without having to ask each guest if they have any special dietary requirements

6. Tap into your guests interests with games and other entertainment activities, live performers, fire dancers, owls, hats, signs etc. Tell your guests in advance whether the dress code is formal or fun.  Have some games at your wedding reception– be they adults or children

7. A guest book is a must-have for your big day. It will provide beautiful memories from your guests, and keep your guests happy and entertained at the same time

Hope you enjoyed the above post. You can also talk to wedding planners, Sydney wedding photographers and other wedding vendors to learn how your dream wedding can become a reality. They will help you with wonderful tips so you and your guests can completely focus on having fun on your Day Infused with Love

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