Guest Wedding Day Etiquette

Some tips for Wedding Guests in this Age of Technology

If you have been invited to a wedding, there is a wedding etiquette which should be followed by all guests, so the Bride and Groom can enjoy their wedding day, without the complications and interference of Social Media

Be aware, the Bride and Groom have hired a professional Sutherland Shire Wedding Photographer for their wedding day, as they wish professional shots to print and keep

If you, as a guest, have a phone camera, or a normal camera, be aware its not good etiquette to post photos prior to the end of the wedding itself

You can take as many shots as you like, but keep them to yourself until the next day, when it’s polite to share them with family and friends who have not attended the wedding

All couples will tell you they want you to enjoy their wedding day, not be worried about posting their photos on line, until the next day

This is the right thing to do, in this Age of Technology

Keep it in mind next time you are attending a wedding, remember its not your wedding, and you were invited to be part of this wedding, not to try to be first to get photos on line

If you wish to post photos on line, ask the Bride and Groom – prior to the wedding day – if its ok or not, we are sure they will tell you their feelings

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