Should I get a friend or book a wedding photographer for my wedding day?

Couples getting married get a lot of suggestions from their near and dear ones when they start planning for their big day. Suggestions keep flowing in from all sides. Some advice to book cheap catering service, while some stress about choosing a low cost wedding venue. You may also find many suggesting to use a friend to photograph your wedding for free, instead of hiring a professional photographer. And it is all on the couples to decide whether they should listen to the advisers or not.  Listening to some of the advice can really help save on your wedding expenses but getting a friend instead of a professional wedding photographer to do your is not a wise decision. No doubt you will be saving money, but you will not get the photos you dream of without using a professional wedding photographer

As top wedding photographers in Sydney, Sutherland Shire, Wollongong, anywhere in Australia OR Bali, we get to attend many weddings. Often we hear opinions from guests at the wedding, here we are sharing some of those:

  • Stunning photography is more than a fancy camera. Professional photographers spend hours training. This training gives them the knowhow to take perfect shots every time
  • Professional wedding photographers know how to work in tricky lighting. They have the skills to identify the best spots every time
  • Wedding photographers know how to deal with raw emotions on your wedding day, which are often running sky high.  They know how to calm down the groom, the bride, and your guests and make them ready for fabulous photos
  • Non-professional photographers do not have the right photography gear for every occasion – low light, bright sunlight, rain, distance or inside a venue. On the other hand, professional wedding photographers will have the right props and gear to shoot formal, fun, funky or candid photos
  • A friend will never take ownership of their photos. If something goes wrong, he/she will not be accountable. On the other hand, your wedding photographer will be accountable. He/she will take ownership and will use his/her expertise to complete the job professionally
  • Booking a photographer who does not have wedding experience is a bad move.  These people would not know the general running of a wedding day and will miss the best shots. Each wedding is different, an experienced wedding photographer has that knowledge already. Non-professional photographers may have experience in shooting landscapes or portraits, but lack the experience for weddings

We at David Lynne Photography have been booked to take “couples shots” many times after their weddings, as they were so disappointed in the photos their friend/family took – and at times others who claim to be “professionals” took – to recreate the most important shots they missed or ruined

Whether you are a bride or groom, you will surely choose to book a professional wedding photographer instead of getting a friend/family member to do the job and hope your photos are memorable !

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