Found Your Wedding Photographer… Now What?

You have done all the hard work and found the best Sydney Wedding Photographer. Once you have booked your photographer, like most couples, you will also find yourself in some confusion as to what to do next. As experienced wedding photographers, we help you plan ahead. Planning means a lot less of stress on your wedding day, one less thing to think about on your “Day Infused With Love”

You will have a huge checklists for your wedding, so add one called the “shot list”

Select shots from your Wedding Photographers Sutherland Shire or online and let your photographers know what they are. We know the key moments, the Ceremony, first kiss, first dance, cutting the cake etc – we want to know anything else you have dreamt about. Have a list of things that are out of the ordinary and make your wedding photography unique. We always check with our couples prior to their wedding day about styles of photography they prefer – fun, formal, funky, themed or just out of this world

How do you want your portraits? Do you want them to be natural or arranged? Some couples ask us for candid shots for almost everything, others wish more formal and again others just want fun, fun, fun

We hear from many couples they feel uncomfortable posing. Let us be very clear about this – if you are uncomfortable during the shot, it will NOT necessarily show in your photos. There are a few poses we use where couples feel “strange”, and then they see that shot later on, and say “wow, that is nothing like I felt, its so beautiful, thanks”

As your Sutherland Shire Wedding Photographers, we are always prepared for each individual wedding – mentally and with our props (yes we have our own props for all couples to use, if they wish)

There may be guests at your wedding who are not on best terms with each other. We have captured many weddings where the parents are divorced and avoid each other, others where they are still good friends. Make sure to tell your Wedding Photographers Sutherland Shire if there is any such friction between the guests prior to your wedding

No-one wants any dramas at their wedding, and we make every effort to be well informed prior to each wedding. So make sure you create a plan after you book your Sydney Wedding Photographers and share it with them

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