Emotions Remain the Same as Wedding Traditions Evolve

Australia is a country which today has its own values and traditions. David Lynne Photography have completed a long journey in the wedding photography industry and get the chance to be a witness to evolutions taking place at every wedding ceremony. Globalisation has changed wedding ceremonies. With the advent of modernisation, Aussies follow some entrenched traditions while creating new ones to suit our climate. Some of the traditions we still follow are:

Engagement Party or Bridal Shower/Kitchen Teas
Engagement parties are still very popular in Australia. These are hosted by the couple, and usually include most of your family and friends. Bridal showers/Kitchen Teas are organised by the bridesmaid/s and are generally an event for ladies only. It’s a time to celebrate and many couples will engage a professional Sydney Wedding Photographer for these events

Wedding Ceremonies/Rings
Australian weddings can be a perfect blend of contractual and sacramental ceremonies. Here you need legal registration of your intent to wed prior to your wedding day. In both civil and religious weddings have an exchange of rings to bind them together. Rings are worn on the 3rd left finger, an English tradition

Wedding Receptions
No wedding is complete without a wedding reception. Australian wedding receptions can be a 7 course feast or a simple BBQ. In the Aussie climate the ceremony is often performed under an arbour or inside a Church with the reception following at the beach, park, hotel, outdoor venues or even your backyard. Traditional Aussie bbq’s may offer a spit roasted beef or lamb, with lots of salads. David Lynne Photography will capture the fun or feast at
your wedding reception Cake is a tradition for most weddings and represents the fertility of the bride. Often the
top layer is kept for the 1st wedding anniversary, or Christening of your 1st child. At Aussie wedding receptions, you can have many options for food but a wedding cake will always be there: traditional fruit cake, pavlova, mud cake, sponge or mousse

In Australia
. Australian law is a bit confusing in terms of relationships but it forbids weddings between close blood relatives. Always ask your Celebrant about this

. Many Aussie brides prefer native flora such as wattle, bottle brush, banksia, eucalyptus or even waratahs. They are particularly popular for bouquets and decorations, as they withstand our warm climate

. There is a tradition to give small gifts, like bomboniere or candles, to guests as gratitude for attending your wedding. This tradition has come from many different cultures

From country wedding photographers to beach wedding photographers, and everything in between, our journey has lots of milestones but we find one thing remains unchanged and that is the emotions of the couple and their guests. The emotions attached to every wedding are the same over all eras and every generation

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