Dreams of the Future Seen through the Eyes of the Past

As professional wedding photographers David and I witness lots of marriages – marriages of different cultures and different places, but we always find one old saying true: ‘Something Old, Something New, Something Borrowed, Something Blue, a Silver Sixpence in Her Shoe’

Do you think marriage is a blend of traditions and modernity?
There are so many overlapping thoughts that come to mind when we are planning a marriage. We look forward to our theme and wedding celebration with new ideas, but when the question comes about the rituals, many go back to old traditions our parents and grandparents followed. In fact the word “wedding” is a tradition in itself. We love being married and following a chain of relationships from our past generations to now. We are growing, we are evolving but we still want blessings from family and friends for a bright future together.

Wedding photographers capture immortal moments and, at the same time, they become witness to all the emotions of the day. Older generations not only want to give brides and grooms their blessings, but also their knowledge on how to make a marriage work. The younger generation welcome the older generation with energy and open hearts. This blending between two generations in such a positive way is possible through the sanctity of marriage.

Don’t be afraid to ask your parents, grand parents, aunts, uncles and older family friends about their wedding day. You may be surprised to hear fun stories never heard before, which can only enhance your wedding day ideas.

In a Christian wedding it is believed the colour blue is the symbol of fidelity, purity and love. It is also a symbol of the Virgin Mary. As professional Sutherland Shire Wedding Photographers, when we see the feeling of satisfaction in yours and your parents eyes, we feel our work found its height. During wedding celebrations there are many emotional moments that are missed by most of your guests. Those moments can be revealed and relived in your photographs – David Lynne Photography strive to be storytellers, not just photographers documenting the “must have moments”. Our approach is reactive rather than proactive, anticipating rather than directing. Although the centre of attention is always the bride and groom, we like to broaden the scope and capture the emotion, attitude and fun of your guests .

Often the X + Y generations say the traditional values have no importance in present day weddings, but when they have been in a relationship for a while, many of them still go for the pious bond of marriage and often follow old traditions. Actually, there is no wrestle between traditions and modernity when the question of relationship arises because at that time everyone wants only to share in the happiness of the day. The elders want to give their blessings and younger are willingly accept them.

Weddings are such a virtuous event in our lives and a start to your future together, and in the making of our future, our past is always a very strong foundation. Generations always have conflicts of values but everybody loves a wedding celebration


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