DIY Wedding Tips to Fuel your Imagination

“On your wedding day, women were seated on the Harbour, resting their oars.
Single sculls, in the grace of that spelling, their canoes, slim as compass needles
pointed at sandstone black with water” – By Australian Poet: Les Murray

Weddings are very personal events. Couples always want their wedding to be filled with as much fun and romance as possible. Many couples have tight budgets these days and are keen to DIY when possible. With each other’s help, bridesmaids and family members, they think of completing all the work of their wedding reception themselves

I have attended many wedding receptions which have been planned by the couples themselves. And, trust me – these wedding receptions were exceptional. Still today, I have beautiful memories of those receptions

I am sharing here advice for future couples getting married. Never be afraid to do your own thing, but be prepared for a lot of raised eyebrows. Do not worry what others have to say or think. It is you and your spouse who are going to look back on your wedding day as a defining moment in your life. Take ideas or inspirations from online resources. Steal ideas that fuel your imagination

The current wedding trend, which does not seem to be ending anytime soon, is the pastoral beach wedding theme. More couples are choosing beach weddings in Australia as there are so many exotic locations here. For example, many are choosing Sydney as their wedding venue as locations are simply beautiful here. Everything seems to be natural, and there is something calming about looking out onto the sea while making your wedding vows. And, the perfect vibes can be created well if you are obsessed with DIY

The most challenging part of DIY weddings is having the perfect decoration, and locating a good place to buy things for your wedding day. I will share with you the tips on how you can have perfect DIY decorations for your wedding day. And, regarding buying things, choose $2 shops, Reject shops, Vinnies or Salvos. These are shops were you can really buy things at a cheaper price to decorate your wedding venue

A few tips for DIY wedding decorations for Sydney beach wedding

Create stunning table centerpieces

You can create stunning table centerpieces by arranging vases of different shapes and sizes. Fill them with sand, and decorate them with seashells and sand dollars. And, if you are hosting the ceremony in the evening, make use of wide vases and place a clear tea light candleholder in the centre. They will really look amazing when the sun begins to set

Use sea shells to make candles

You can use sea shells, for example sea scallops and clams to make unique candles. You can set them along the tables. It is very easy to make shell candles. Just you need to pour melted wax into the seashells with a wick inside. You will have the candles ready within a very short time

Make use of Jute

Jute and hessian are synonymous with rustic beach décor. Include them as one of the most important parts of your beach wedding supplies. Use these cheap materials to decorate your chairs and tables, make banners with hessian, paint them with your initials or names

You can also find you own sweets jars and fill them, bird cages, old photos of you both to hang, and the list goes on and on

I hope you enjoyed the above DIY wedding tips, I have many more. I am an integral part of David Lynne Photography. We have years of experience with beach weddings. Our beach wedding photography packages are customised and affordable. Being one of the most noted wedding photographers for Sydney, Australia and Bali beaches, we also suggest DIY wedding tips

Contact us if you wish to share some good DIY wedding ideas. While looking into these ideas, we will also offer best wedding photography ideas

All the best for your wedding preparation!

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