Different Cultures – Different Customs pt3


Joined in happy matrimony - Finnish and Swedish couple

Joined in happy matrimony – Finnish and Swedish couple

In Switzerland a bride wears a crown or wreath. The wreath symbolizes her virginity. After the wedding ceremony the wreath is removed and burned. If it burns fast it is believed the bride is lucky


Orange is the colour of weddings in Spain. Wedding bouquets there often includes orange blossoms. Brides also have orange blossoms in their hair. In Spanish folklore the orange blossom tree symbolises everlasting love. Orange blossoms are also symbols of purity


At the wedding reception in Portugal the bride takes off her shoes. They are then used for the guests to put money inside. The bride and groom use the money to finance their honeymoon


In Mexico the groom gives his bride 13 coins or “arras”. These coins represent Christ and the 12 apostles. The Priest blesses the coins, meaning the groom will take care of bride


Irish people have many different wedding traditions. An old tradition was organised at the start of their wedding meals. It was believed three mouthfuls of oats and salt protect from them from the evil eye


In Greece people traditionally write names of all single women at the wedding party on the sole of bride’s shoe. Then after the party, her shoe is checked and the women whose names have been worn off will be married soon. Greek brides sometime carry a little bit of sugar in their glove to make sure her future life will be sweet


Russians think it is bad luck to get married in May. Some people say it is because Russian word for May (“mai”) sounds similar to “mayatsa” which means to suffer.  In Russia bread and salt are offered to the bride and groom. This is done to wish them good luck and a prosperous marriage


In Finland rice is thrown at the couple and the grains that remain in the bride’s hair are believed to be the number of children they will have in the future


An old Swedish wedding tradition is where the bride walks with coins in her shoes. Her father puts a silver coin in her left shoe. Her mother puts a golden coin in the right shoe

Hope you have enjoyed learning about all these cultural differences

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