Different Cultures – Different Customs pt2


Blending two cultures - Italian and Chinese

Blending two cultures – Italian and Chinese

The groom gives the bride 12 presents. These presents can be shoes, jewellery and pagoda shaped candy’s, which is followed by loud reading of a letter from the groom. Then it is the bride’s turn to send 12 presents to groom. She sends objects like goldfish and chopsticks


In Vietnam the groom’s mother carries pink chalk and Betel nuts to the bride’s home. The pink chalk symbolises happy future. The Betel nuts are a way of showing respect towards the groom and his family. Only after this ritual the groom and his “family” can arrive to the bride’s home


Cambodian’s have a knot ceremony. In this ceremony knots are tied on a string bracelet. These knots symbolize the elders’ good wishes for the bride and groom. A candle is passed by the married guests to bless the happy couple


21 years old man traditionally get married to a tree. The tree symbolizes vitality. So, the man will be blessed by the Buddha and the Patriarchs. He will be able to find true love and have a happy family in the future


On the wedding morning in Malaysia children carry trays with food and animal or flower-shaped envelopes with some money to the bride’s house. At the wedding reception guest sometimes get decorated hard-boiled eggs. It is believed eggs are the symbols of fertility

INDIANindian_wedding tradition

In India male members of both families throw flower petals on the bride and groom as symbols of life without sorrow and troubles.  Indian brides have their arms henna tattooed, some have their husband’s and their names tattooed on their hands as a sign of joining


When walking to the wedding chapel children in France traditionally pull the white ribbons of the wedding gown. The bride then cuts these ribbons.  Then when the happy couple decide to leave the wedding reception, people put some laurel leaves on their path


In Italy the bride must wear something old, something new, something borrowed and something blue. These objects are believed to bring good luck. It is also customary the bride wears a veil, which is supposed to protect her from evil spirits


In central China, crying is a regular part of weddings. A month before the wedding, a bride cries for about an hour. Ten days later, she is not alone in her daily weeping ritual, as her mother joins her. Ten days after that, her grandmothers, sisters and aunts join them too.  In modern China, the bride changes at least 3 times, first is western style for her Ceremony, then traditional Chinese for her reception, and then cocktail dress called “Song Ke” – meaning See Guests Off

More traditions coming next week – stay tuned

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