Why you should choose a professional photographer

“Would you ask your next door neighbour to diagnose your illness?”
“Would you ask your best friend to fix a problem with your teeth?”
“Would you ask somebody on the street to photograph your wedding?”

Perhaps it takes some silly questions like these to understand why you should always use a professional photographer for your wedding day. For most people its a once in a lifetime day. If your photographer gets it wrong there is no going back for a second chance.

Wedding photography can be inexpensive or highly expensive – this doesn’t always mean they get it right. It can start as little as $300 for a 1 hour shoot, and go all the way up to $5,000 or more. Either way, if you don’t use a professional you take a huge risk of having photos that are unacceptable to remember your once in a lifetime day. You hear of horror stories all the time, for example overexposed, underexposed, cutting off heads and feet, stupid angles, no imagination, no romance or just plain boring – is it worth it?

David Lynne Photography are a husband and wife team, who have been in business for a Lifetime, originally hailing from Sydney, then living in Bali 5 years, then on the Sunshine Coast 5.5 years and now back home in Sydney. We are professionals,who provide great quotes and a fantastic results to all our clients, be it a wedding, events, real estate, family portraits, animals, or the like – our business is our life, so it shows in what we love to do

We have seen some terrible wedding day photography – and know people who have been charged $2, 000-10,000, and they are so disappointed with their photos they actually cry. To avoid this use a only professional photographer. Ask questions, check websites, speak directly with the photographer who will be doing your wedding, avoid speaking with a 3rd party who is organising it, ask for references from recent couples who have used their service, make sure there is a connection between your photographer and yourself, so they understand what you want. If you do all this you should get it right

Photography is not guess work, its an art and science. If your photographer doesn’t have the qualifications and the professional equipment needed to photograph a wedding, then they cannot possibly get it right. Backyard photographers will cause only grief, professionals display their results with pride

“Be smart – use a Professional”

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