Caito Amorose + Devin Corboy

Originally we met at Sip Café in Pittsburgh, USA. I would go to do my paperwork in between the travel jobs I came home to do each Spring, whilst I was living in Oregon the rest of the year. Nothing more happened at that time

After I had moved back home to Pittsburgh several years later, we reconnected at an after hours night club where Devin was DJ’ing

Devin proposed after at an all-night climb to watch the sunrise on top of Mt. Sinai, Egypt, up the 3,750 – the Steps of Repentance – ha ha

We still live in Pittsburgh today, but travel as often as possible, having just completed the climb to base camp of Mt Everest

We wanted to be married somewhere we had never been that was either on, or with a view of, a beautiful body of water. A random pop-up image appeared on my computer late one night. It was the most beautiful photo we had seen and when I tracked it down to a place in Bali we both laughed and said “that would never be possible”. A friend told us we should check it out, and we did, and it turned out it was easier planning our wedding there, halfway across the world, than it would have been even in our own hometown!

Lynne, from David Lynne Photography, helped me to organise a lot of our wedding needs, the Temple in the Sea where we were officially married, my flowers, butterflies, a beautiful ocean front villa in Seminyak, a Chef for our wedding meal with friends, and of course our photography – which was brilliant. It would have been so much harder to organise any of this ourselves, so Lynne was our wedding planner

We couldn’t recommend Lynne and David more highly, we loved our photos, our entire trip to Bali, they helped to create “our wish” of a wonderful wedding day for us

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