Bridal Jewellery: For that stunning effect on your Wedding Day

Wedding planners always advise their clients not to underestimate the power of wedding accessories when planning their wedding. On your big day most brides like everything to match, be it your wedding dress, accessories, table setups, or decorations, and some brides even like the menu to match as well. Picking perfect wedding accessories is one more challenging task for you. There are a few common mistakes brides make whilst picking their wedding jewellery. Let us help plan your wedding day accessories with some hints below. Wedding planners and wedding photographers always advise their clients to be careful while choosing their bridal jewellery.

Don’t buy jewellery before your wedding dress

This can be a risky affair. Your overall image on your wedding day may look incomplete or wrong. The style of your jewellery should perfectly compliment the style of your dress. For many brides, the wedding dress they end up choosing is often different from one they thought they would wear. Same for your bridesmaids, choose their accessories after you purchase their dresses, to match perfectly and also compliment your dress and jewellery.

Have your jewellery hand made

Finding it hard to get the right pieces? Enlist the talents of an expert to make your jewellery for your wedding day. We know some exceptionally talented local and overseas ladies who make the most amazing pieces for brides all over the world – ask us for their contact details.

Consider buying coloured jewellery

Don’t rule out coloured jewellery instead of traditional white or cream. As wedding photographers, David Lynne Photography recommend adding a splash of colour to liven up your accessories, also for the groom, the bridesmaid/groomsmen’s overall image. And if you are planning a themed wedding, colourful jewellery is the perfect way to continue that theme throughout.

Choose accessories that suit your skin tone, and that of your bridesmaids

Different skin tones lend themselves to either gold or silver, so choose accordingly. If you are not sure what best suits your skin, always ask an expert for advice. The same rule will apply if choosing coloured jewellery. For example, if you have a fair or olive complexion, find out which colour suits you best and work with that particular colour

Pick the right amount of jewellery

Remember, sometimes less is best, so don’t go overboard. Be particular about choosing jewellery for your neck, arms and particularly headpieces. Your original thoughts may not suit the beautiful gown you purchase. Be sure to try all together so you know how beautiful you will look in your wedding day photography, and that it does in fact all come together perfectly

Shopping for trendy jewellery

You will view your wedding photography many times in the future. Keeping this in mind, you need to think carefully about your choice: is it too trendy. If so your wedding photography may date quickly. This great tip comes from us, professional wedding photographers from the Sunshine Coast, who have seen it all – the good, the bad and the way overdone

Don’t get swayed with the price tag

It is not necessary for bridal jewellery to be costly. Do some research of the market before you buy. You are bound to find great collections within your budget. Depending on your style, there is sometimes little difference between bridal and normal jewellery, often it looks as glamorous as bridal jewellery. If you want that really special piece, then have it made, it’s worth the money, and you will wear it again

The fact is you may not wear your wedding dress or shoes after your wedding day but it is sensible to choose jewellery you can wear again

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