Autumn is in the Air

“Fall has always been my favourite season. The time when everything bursts with its last beauty, as if nature had been saving up all year for the grand finale” – By Lauren DeStefano

The above quote by Lauren DeStefano is so true.  Autumn is a season of breathtaking displays as the old makes way for the new. The nature’s palette of bright red, yellow, orange and brown creates a perfect match for a gorgeous wedding.  The climate too is perfect as it is not too hot or cold. Not only the couples, but even the guests enjoy attending weddings during Autumn

Autumn weddings have their own perks. They are all about bright colors and attractive themes. One of the biggest benefits you get in this season is you are in the heart of a picturesque terrain. You get an opportunity to plan only the best things for your wedding. For example – you get best wedding photo ideas, wedding decorations, flowers, themes, embossed wedding cards and much more

Here we are going to discuss about one major aspect of an Autumn wedding: Autumn wedding photo ideas. If you are planning to get married in Autumn, you will find the ideas below informative and useful. These ideas will help you capture tantalizing moments of your Big Day which you will cherish for life

Capture the picturesque background

Autumn is a season of stunning colours, so you should ask your Sutherland Shire wedding photographer to concentrate on capturing the tantalizing shades of red, yellow, orange and brown. Explore more about the foliage at the wedding venue, and ask them to conceptualise the best way to incorporate a pleasing backdrop into your shooting photos

Now you will wonder – Who can do this in the best manner? A professional photographer with loads of experience in award winning wedding photography will help you fulfill this desire

Capture seasonal elements

In an Autumn wedding you will get hold of seasonal elements at every corner of the wedding venue. You will find items reflecting the best of the Autumn season such as designer candles, wooden showpieces, delicious cake, personalised entryway for the couples and more. You will also find lots of beautiful flowers, leafy carpets, maple trees and vines. So ask your wedding photographer to keep their eyes open and enjoy clicking these beautiful settings

Make use of the golden hour for taking romantic shots

The subtle magical light occurring at daybreak or dusk is the golden hour. It is the best time to photograph wedding couples as they too get more romantic because of the charming beautiful skies, pleasant weather and colours spread from our skies to the Mother Earth. The golden hour will evoke beautiful wedding photos ideas

Make good use of this hour!!!!!

Hope you enjoyed the above wedding ideas. They will definitely help you get started on your autumn-inspired wedding day

Good Luck for your wedding preparation

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