Creating Value – Key Aspects in Wedding Photography

“Love and marriage are like walking in the rain together”

Once you are engaged, you start planning your dream wedding. You need to do lots of planning to enter this new phase in your life. You will definitely want to make this a memorable day for yourself, your fiancé and your guests. You need to plan a number of things for your wedding day starting with select a date, then your wedding venue, celebrant, caterers, florist, wedding photographer and much more. One of the most important service providers is your wedding photographer

As professional wedding photographers, David and Lynne regularly have clients who ask why they should only “hire a professional wedding photographer”, instead of your guests using their iPads, iPhones, etc. We help them understand why hiring a professional wedding photographer is so important for them. It ensures they capture the Spirit of the day. A professional has the skills to capture the love, laughter and fun for you and your loved ones, and will know how to take advantage of lighting and angles., and will of course have all the right equipment. When your wedding is complete, the only thing left from your special day will be your memories and your wedding photography. Your wedding photos will represent how spectacular and beautiful your wedding day was, so you can cherish these memories for years to come

Although many weddings are similar, two wedding scenarios are rarely identical. A professional Sutherland Shire wedding photographer will have the right knowledge and skills to know how to deal with the unexpected, react with the quickly changing lights and how to capture fleeting moments. You will get photographs that will truly blow you away

As a couple making plans for your wedding, you will have different expectations from your wedding photographer. You will expect your photographer to be a calming presence, someone who makes you feel instantly comfortable. Apart from asking whether your photographer is available on your date, there are many more questions you need to ask. After you have determined their experience and price, you could enquire how many images you can expect to receive and how long you will need to wait for them after the wedding for your final CD, USB or Album

At David Lynne Photography, we love to help our clients with professional photos of their big day. It is important for a wedding photographer to communicate well with the bride and groom if he/she wants to go beyond just taking nice photos and we do that on every party, event or wedding. We ask our clients if they have any specific ideas they would like us to use, or we can just use our creativity and imagination for perfect wedding memories. We at David Lynne Photography also have many props you can use, for free, in your wedding day photography.

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