A Stress Free Wedding Day

Every Bride Dreams of the Perfect Wedding Daystress free

Its one of the most important days in your life. It tells a “Story” of who you are, where you are heading and what life will bring next

A wedding day can be very daunting, as every couple will rely on so many other factors for their perfect day

From our many years experience, a couple of things to think about beforehand

If your wedding day runs 100% smoothly, then you have been blessed – but it doesn’t hurt to be prepared for the unexpected just in case

Here are a few things that can go wrong:
– your Celebrant is late
– the Bride is late, the Groom is late
– the weather is not perfect
– the flowers are not quite what you ordered
– your shoes are too tight or too loose
– you have lost or gained weight – so you dress is not the perfect fit it was a few months ago
– you are not feeling the best
– your bridesmaid/best man or close family member is ill and cannot come
and the list goes on and on

Think about what you would do if any of these, or other things, happened on the morning of your wedding. Instead of stressing out, try to manage the issue quickly and if you cant do it yourself, ask for help. Generally your photographer has seen it all and can help sort out any issues quickly. You also have your family, close friends and bridal party to call on for help – don’t think you have to do it on your own

REMEMBER: Its your day, and you know exactly what has been organised, so guests wont even notice if something is not quite right

Enjoy Yourselves + Have A Great Stress Free Wedding Day + ensure you ask your local wedding specialists to put the special touch on your memorial day

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