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So Where Does the Groom Fit In?

When most people think of weddings they think its “all about the Bride”. What about the Groom? Without the Groom there wouldn’t be a wedding, so lets try to help the Grooms out with some easy ideas Every groom wants their wedding day to be special, if

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Different Cultures – Different Customs pt3

SWISS In Switzerland a bride wears a crown or wreath. The wreath symbolizes her virginity. After the wedding ceremony the wreath is removed and burned. If it burns fast it is believed the bride is lucky SPANISH Orange is the colour of weddings in Spain. Wedding bouquets

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Different Cultures – Different Customs pt2

TAIWANESE The groom gives the bride 12 presents. These presents can be shoes, jewellery and pagoda shaped candy’s, which is followed by loud reading of a letter from the groom. Then it is the bride’s turn to send 12 presents to groom. She sends objects like goldfish

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Different Cultures – Different Customs pt1

This blog is a series over 3 weeks, so stayed tuned for some fun traditions from all over our wonderful World Australia has become a very multicultural society with so many nationalities represented in our communities.  We have certainly moved on from the stereo type Anglo-Saxon heritage

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Low Fuss Wedding Doesn’t Mean Low Style

Most of us only ever get married once (or maybe twice) in a lifetime, so it is a really special day but it doesn’t have to be a nightmare to organise. And there are many people who don’t consider themselves to be the wedding type. When the

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The Perfect Wedding

Tips to cherish the day We photograph a lot of weddings during the year and so I guess you could say we have seen it all.  We have managed to deal with emotional brides, drunken guests and not forgetting those difficult moments when things don’t quiet go

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A Stress Free Wedding Day

Every Bride Dreams of the Perfect Wedding Day Its one of the most important days in your life. It tells a “Story” of who you are, where you are heading and what life will bring next A wedding day can be very daunting, as every couple will

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Guest Wedding Day Etiquette

Some tips for Wedding Guests in this Age of Technology If you have been invited to a wedding, there is a wedding etiquette which should be followed by all guests, so the Bride and Groom can enjoy their wedding day, without the complications and interference of Social

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Why you should choose a professional photographer


“Would you ask your next door neighbour to diagnose your illness?” “Would you ask your best friend to fix a problem with your teeth?” “Would you ask somebody on the street to photograph your wedding?” Perhaps it takes some silly questions like these to understand why you

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